Free Items, Free Cash!!


Everybody loves getting free things.  Then what's better than a website that let's you earn free cash, or better yet free gaming consoles (PS3, XBOX 360, Wii), XBOX Live points, PSN points, iPods, gift cards, and more!  You can learn how to do all that on this site.

How Does This Work? and are sister sites where you can earn cash or items for free by doing offers and surveys (cash at and items at  The cash earned from can be withdrawn through a variety of methods including depositing into your PayPal account or having a check sent to you through the mail.  Points earned through cannot be withdrawn like cash.  However, these points can be used to purchase anything available on (100 points = $1).  Best part is when you sign up for one, you've signed up for both, meaning you can earn both cash and points under one account!  Also, if you sign up through this website, you'll get 250 points (for Points2Shop) or $2.50 (for Cashle) for free!  Skeptical?  Below is one of many people who have created a video on, showing what you can get from
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